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About us

We're a team of two friends passionate about art & sustainability. With these key objectives in mind, we founded Precious Circuit, a project that blends a social concern with the limitless creative possibilities of e-waste materials.

Inspired by the configuration designs that circuit boards possess and by leaving a sustainable legacy behind us, our mission is to spread the message of being responsible in the face of an environmental crisis. Let’s break the stigma around waste through unique jewelry art and design.


We believe in a better world, which means a little effort from each of us.

We use electrical components and circuits as the basis for handcrafted accessories while raising awareness about the effects of e-waste on the environment and ways to minimize them. Moreover, our products would be an extremely nice gift for a tech lover.

Our purpose is to bring together individuals and organizations with a shared interest in technology, sustainability, art, and aesthetics in order to promote recycling and responsible product consumption.

We believe in



Ethical choices


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